Course Agenda

    1. Instructions

    1. Pretest Instructions

    2. Pretest

    1. Course Overview

    1. Posttest Study Guide

    2. Introduction

    3. Required PSA: Tracing 150 Years of Anti-Asian Hate in America (3 minutes)

    4. Required Video: PBS Sacramento Studio, “AAPI Hate Crimes” (27:53 minutes)

    5. The “Model Minority” Myth

    6. Required Publication: Combat Hate Crimes Tool Kit (Available in 24 Languages)

    7. Required Article: In Response to Anti-Asian Hate Incidents Groups Step Up Training for Bystanders

    8. Senate Passes Bill Targeting Anti-Asian Hate Crimes (April 22, 2021)

    9. Conclusion

    1. NASW California Chapter Asian Pacific Islander (API) Social Work Council

    2. NASW Resources

    3. Resources for Taking Action

    4. Historical Resource

    1. Posttest

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Course Details

Course Description

Given the significant increase in hate crimes and hate incidents against AAPI individuals and communities across America, leaders are calling on everyone to educate themselves and to step up and take action. The overall objective of this course is to learn practical and concrete actions to fight and stop hate crimes and incidents against Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) individuals. The course highlights the “Combat Hate Crimes Tool Kit” recently published by the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association. This four-page publication provides answers to frequently asked questions, defines terms including “hate crimes” and “hate incidents,” provides a one-page checklist for community organizations, and details exactly how to report hate crimes. Readers also view a video from PBS Sacramento Studio, “AAPI Hate Crimes” (27:53 minutes), in which a panel discusses the history and causes of AAPI hate in the United States and how it is connected to individual and institutional/systemic racism. Readers also access a short web-based article that presents practical tactics that bystanders (witnesses to hate crimes) can effectively and safely use to intervene. In the last section of content, there is a list of relevant and timely resources.

Target Audience

This course was written for students, social workers, behavioral health practitioners, and other service providers who are interested in better understanding the causes of racism and learning concrete, practical actions to fight and stop hate crimes and incidents against AAPI individuals and communities.

Learning Objectives

After completing the course, registrants should be able to do the following:

  • Gain an awareness of the 150 years of history of hate and discrimination against AAPI communities in the US.
  • Identify the historical influence and impact of individual and systemic/institutional racism on Asian Americans in the US.
  • Identify specific actions and tactics that can be used to fight AAPI hate as individuals and organizations, including bystander training.
  • Identify relevant and timely resources for additional information and training, and opportunities for advocacy.

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