Course Agenda

    1. Instructions

    1. Pretest Instructions

    2. Pretest

    1. Course Overview

    1. Introduction

    2. Important Clarifications

    3. Print Posttest Study Guide

    1. Introducing the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA)

    2. CPC Section 11165: Definition of “Child”

    3. Frequently Asked Questions

    4. CPC Sections 11165.3 and 11165.6: Definition of “Child Abuse and Neglect”

    5. Frequently Asked Questions

    6. CPC Section 11165.2: Definition of “Neglect”

    7. Frequently Asked Questions

    8. CPC Section 11165.1: Definition of “Sexual Abuse”

    9. Frequently Asked Questions

    10. CPC Section 11165.4: Definition of “Unlawful Corporal Punishment or Injury”

    11. Frequently Asked Questions

    12. CPC Section 11166.05: Definition of “Serious Emotional Damage”

    13. Frequently Asked Questions

    14. Required Video: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse (7:02 minutes)

    15. Recommended Resources

    1. CPC Section 11166: Making a Mandated Child Abuse Report

    2. Frequently Asked Questions

    3. CPC Section 11165.9: Agencies That Receive Mandated Reports

    4. Frequently Asked Questions

    5. CPC Section 11166: Special Considerations in Filing Mandated Reports

    6. CPC Section 11170: Notification of Report Results

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Course Details

Course Description

This is the first module of a two-part series that focuses on California mandated child abuse assessment and reporting. While the material is technical in nature, it is important that mandated reporters understand and appropriately apply all applicable laws, which are complex and are occasionally revised. The California Penal Code (CPC) sections that define the responsibilities of mandated reporters are explored in great detail throughout the content. Also explored are details related to making a mandated report, including the time frames and required form. The course content then presents a case example designed to assist practitioners in better understanding the overall process—starting from the time a mandated report is made to the child welfare department and following the case through both the juvenile court and the criminal court systems. The second module of the two-part series focuses on interventions and treatment approaches related to child abuse and neglect.

Target Audience

This module is the first in a two-part series that meets the seven-hour child abuse assessment and reporting coursework requirement for obtaining California licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), and licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) licenses, and for child abuse coursework required for license renewal for licensed educational psychologists (LEPs).

Learning Objectives

At the end of this first module, readers will be able to do the following:

  • Identify the specific California Penal Code (CPC) sections related to child abuse reporting.
  • Identify the procedures for making a mandated child abuse report, including the required information, where to submit the report, and the specific time frames for reporting.
  • Identify critical elements necessary for completing the required California forms for reporting child abuse or neglect.
  • Identify the basic processes that take place in the California child welfare and juvenile court systems.
  • Identify the basic criminal court process that parallels a child abuse case that moves through juvenile court.
  • Identify the permanency planning options in cases in which parents fail to complete their reunification plan as ordered by juvenile court.

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