Course Agenda

    1. Instructions

    1. Pretest Instructions

    2. Pretest

    1. Course Overview

    1. Introduction

    2. Print Posttest Study Guide

    3. NASW Legal Issue of the Month Article “Responding to a Subpoena”

    4. NASW General Counsel Law Notes

    1. Clarification Regarding “Applicable Standards”

    2. Clarification Regarding “Options for Responding to a Subpoena”

    3. Clarification Regarding “Court Orders”

    1. California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1985.3

    2. Required Notice to Consumer

    3. Six Types of California Subpoenas

    4. Case Vignette

About this course

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  • 21 lessons

Course Details

Course Description

Understanding, managing, and responding to subpoenas can be one of the most anxiety-provoking experiences social workers have to manage. Once practitioners receive a subpoena, they often have difficulty discerning its purpose and how to comply with the legal directives. This course focuses on recommendations made by the NASW Legal Defense Fund and NASW Assurance Services regarding how to respond to subpoenas. Initially, the content addresses subpoenas in general; however, one section is dedicated to the six types of California subpoenas a practitioner can receive. Course completion requires reading online content and passing the posttest with a score of 80% or better to print a certificate of completion.

Target Audience

The course can be used toward the ongoing requirement of six hours of law and ethics training every license renewal period for California LCSWs.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, readers will be able to do the following:

  • Define what a subpoena is and identify applicable standards.
  • Identify recommendations for responding to a subpoena.
  • Identify the six types of subpoenas in California.
  • Identify resources related to responding to subpoenas in clinical practice.

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