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Course Details

After completing this course, readers will be able to do the following:

  • Identify physical, psychological, and behavioral effects of chronic stress.
  • Identify personal and organizational sources of stress.
  • Identify the differences between active coping, avoidance coping, and proactive coping.
  • Identify assumptions that are commonly held by practitioners concerning the lack and limitation of clients, self, and service systems.
  • Identify the five primary types of appraisal-based coping.
  • Identify visual, auditory, and tactile practices for enhancing mindfulness. 
  • Identify strategies for sustaining self-efficacy.
  • Identify dimensions of an employee’s “fit” within an organizational culture.
  • Identify supervisory strategies that support self-care in supervisees.
  • Identify ways that administrators can support workplace wellness.

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